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Update: February 22, 2022
There is now some form of information extraction. We are mining definitions and bibliographic references. (e.g. http://tecling.com/cgi-bin/termout/ling/index.pl?input=écfrasis ).

Update: February 21, 2022

10001 entries

We have now aligned the terms in both languages. Not all of them but quite a few, and the quality of the alignment seems decent. Next step will be semantic categorization, term-variation identification and information extraction.
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Lista de candidatos sometidos a examen:
1) ��cfrasis
(*) Términos presentes en el nuestro glosario de lingüística

1) Candidate: ��cfrasis

Rejected: infrecuente (0)

No se encontraron referencias bibliográficas sociadas al/ alos término(s)

(Que existan referencias dedicadas a un término es también indicio de terminologicidad.)